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Luxury Outdoor Landscaping Company

Strategic Approach to Driving High-Income Household Leads into Customers

Sucess Story

In today's digital age, a company's online presence is paramount to success. For our luxury landscaping client, the need to elevate their brand and strategically position themselves in the market was evident. Through a comprehensive engagement, we embarked on a journey encompassing a Fractional CMO partnership, a fresh website build, tactical branding, and positioning, all supported by a robust SEO and organic social media strategy. The crescendo of our efforts was a targeted paid campaign, zeroing in on high-income households in specific geo-targeted areas. The results? A high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and a brand that stands tall in the luxury landscaping niche.


Fractional CMO Engagement & Website Build

Our client recognized the need for expert guidance without the full-time commitment and opted for a Fractional CMO engagement. This approach allowed them to tap into top-tier marketing expertise part-time, ensuring cost-effectiveness while driving results. The cornerstone of this engagement was a new website meticulously designed to reflect the luxury and precision of their landscaping services. The site showcased its portfolio and became a hub for potential clients to understand the brand's ethos and value proposition.


Tactical Branding & Positioning

In the luxury market, branding is everything. Our team dove deep into the company's core values, strengths, and unique selling points. The outcome was a brand identity that resonated with the upscale clientele they aimed to serve. Every touchpoint, from branding extension throughout the site to color palette and messaging, was crafted to evoke feelings of luxury, precision, and trustworthiness. This tactical branding and positioning ensured that the company was not just seen but remembered and revered in its niche.


SEO & Organic Social Media

A beautiful brand and website are only as good as the visibility they receive. Our SEO strategy ensured the luxury landscaping company ranked high on search engines for relevant keywords, driving organic traffic to their site. Complementing this was our organic social media strategy. By curating content showcasing their projects, sharing landscaping tips, and engaging with the community, we built a loyal following that admired the brand and became its advocates.


Targeted Paid Campaigns with High ROAS

The final piece of the puzzle was a series of targeted paid campaigns. Leveraging data-driven insights, we focused our efforts on high-income households in specific geo-targeted areas. These campaigns were about visibility and precision, ensuring that every dollar spent yielded maximum ROAS. The results spoke for themselves, with a significant uptick in inquiries, bookings, and a tangible ROI that underscored the power of targeted, strategic advertising.


This case study exemplifies the transformative power of partnering with a Fractional CMO to develop a holistic digital strategy. From branding to positioning, organic growth to paid campaigns, every element worked harmoniously to elevate our client's luxury landscaping business to new heights.

268% Increase in Organic Traffic

45% Increase in Quoted Prices

22.5:1 ROAS

750:1 ROI

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